mistr zvuku, asistent zvuku, střih zvuků, ruchař (postprodukce zvuku), mikrofonista

Federico Casazza

Federico Casazza




O mně

My name is Federico Casazza I am a sound recordist, sound mixer, sound designer and music producer based in Prague. I have my own sound equipment which consists of 2 Lavalier radio mics, several Boom mic, a high-end recorder with several accessories and I have my own studio for post-production. I saw your post on a Facebook group and I was interested to find out more about your project. Here are some links with details of my profile and film showreels. I also have worked with several film production in Prague, I can provide references at request. Showreels: https://rico-casazza.com/filmsound https://www.linkedin.com/in/federico-casazza/


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